Letters Home

Book "Letters Home" by Adolfas & Jonas Mekas contain a collection of letters that the famous brothers Jonas and Adolfas Mekas sent from America to Semeniškiai village, Biržai district, Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic. They were all addressed to the most important addressee of their lives – their mother, Elzbieta Mekienė.

For this book, I created book layout and cover design which adapted in 3 languages. With calculated black cubes inside the book we have created words on the edges of the book. Book was also prepared for print.

Service - Layout / Client - Post scriptum Littera / Year - 2020 / Format - 23x28x2 cm / Pages - 320 / Language - Lithuanian in 2020, English and French in 2021 / Cover - soft

The most beautiful Lithuanian Book of 2019 - Baltic Book Art Competition (2020)

The book of the year 2020 in nonfiction and documentary book category

by Adolfas & Jonas Mekas

Examples of outside pages

Double pages create real experience of opening letters for readers. Outside pages contains pictures and text while inside pages - original letters.

Example of inside page.

By breaking off the "knife" from the back of the book cover - double pages can be cut.

On each inner page you can find black rectangles which are purposefully arranged on the edge of the page. These rectangles creates words: ADOLFAS, JONAS, SEMENIŠKIAI. You can see them only from the side of book then it's closed.

© Ligita Lileikė

Each original letter used in the book from Lithuanian language was individually adapted in Adobe Photoshop to English and French.

The original