Froggy Mariukas

"Froggy Mariukas" is an educational book which introduces amphibians and teaches children from 5 years old to protect nature and it's animals. Also, the main charecter of the story is froggy named Mariukas who encourages children to listen to their parents.

This was my final bachelor's degree project for which storyline, illustrations and layout were created by me.

Service - Layout, illustration, text / Client - Bachelor's degree project / Year - 2019 / Format - 18.5x21x1 cm / Pages - 40 / Language - Lithuanian / Cover - hard

An example of a book layout.

Page spreads shows how the adaptive background moves from one page to the next, creating the effect of a leporello book.

Illustrations background were created with texture paper, paint prints, pencil texture. Illustrated plants and characters were created separately, scanned and pasted like collage using Adobe Photoshop.